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Wealth Masters International

Serious Products for Serious Times.

Wealth Masters International

When Opportunity comes knocking at your door, don’t ignore it, open your door and invite Opportunity to come inside with welcome arms.

What Opportunity have you just invited in. The Opportunity and the choice to become informed about the possibilities of your future and your financial success. Now is the time to take matters into your own hands. You have in front of you the choice to turn your destiny around with a little help from your friends at Wealth Masters International.

Individuals, many individuals will be making fortunes in the next several years. Just as we have learned from our history of the 1930’s, there will be individuals who will seek out the opportunities that are most definitely available. These individuals do not see the financial markets as moving downward, just that they are moving. Well guess what. The market is moving again and the opportunities are incredible. All we need to do is to educate ourselves on the direction the economic waves are moving. Where else to receive such education than with Wealth Masters International?

M1 Masters Program

The M1 Masters Program within Wealth Masters International is the foundation to creating the life you desire. It is the basic building blocks to get your financial life back on track and the M1 Masters Program ensures that your financial life then stays on track.

After enrolling in the proprietary M1 Masters Program developed for Wealth Masters International, you are a lifetime member gaining exclusive access to all of Wealth Master International’s alliance partners. As you educate yourself on Wealth Masters International you will quickly learn that you can trust the leaders to do the right thing and to do things right.

When you implement the knowledge from the M1 Masters Program at Wealth Masters International, you will quickly find that you are in complete control of your life, your finances and your destiny.

M2 Wealth Conference

Wealth Masters International brings its educational model to life at the M2 Wealth Conference. Wealth Masters International invites world renowned experts in financial planning, tax planning, wealth creation, debt relief, asset protection, empowerment and business building to speak at their 4 day wealth conferences.

With personal access to these experts, M2 members find ways to move into a new phase in their life and are willing to take the action needed. M2 members have the opportunity to utilize the strategies that the most successful people of our time have used for decades. Wealth Masters International finally is giving everyone, not just the wealthy and the well connected, the opportunity to have access to life-transforming education and to time-tested strategies for generational and multigenerational success.

M3 The Private Wealth Group

The M3 Lifestyle Conference is the pinnacle of the Wealth Masters International three tiered product line and is an extension of the M2 conference. The M3 Lifestyle Conference is a 5-7 day conference which focuses on overall abundance, and additional wealth building.

The education and learning does not stop at the M3 Lifestyle Conference. M3 members have access to the exclusive regularly scheduled conference calls throughout the year to learn about a variety of additional wealth-creating opportunities.

Wealth Masters International brings to you the education and the world class experts to help you accomplish everything that you want in life and to help you create the destiny of your dreams.

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"Kip's VRA financial newsletter is a MUST read for every savvy investor in this country. Disregard it at your own peril. His mantra is my mantra: Buy Gold and China. Sell short on pretty much everything else. Kip Herriage's newsletter is my financial Bible."

- Wayne Allyn Root
2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate
Author, "The Conscience of a Libertarian"