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Home Based Business Questions

I often receive questions from prospective entrepreneurs and customers who want to know more about Wealth Masters International and the #1 professional online marketing system before they take the next step. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

What brought me to the industry?
I was ready to give up the corporate world of medical sales, be at home with my family, and yet still make a significant income. I happen to love to work and with my background, I love to help people. This company, this industry allows me to do both in a big way.

Why did I select a carbon copy system and Wealth Masters International?
My reasons are twofold. One, because of the products that Wealth Masters International has to offer. The products are cutting edge and are the financial education and solutions that most people either desperately need or can incorporate to increase their total net worth. I was looking for a product other than the norm and I found it in Wealth Masters International. Where else can you go to learn of investment opportunities that are not readily known to the general population? Where else can you go to get financially educated so you can now make the right choices and survive and actually thrive in this economy? Where else do you get the opportunity to become totally debt free in 10-12 years? I could find no where else.

Second, the marriage of the #1 professional marketing system coupled with a unique and strong product line, for me, was undeniable. Most people entering into this industry do not know the first thing about marketing or sales. While the system that these two companies have put together is not a get rich quick system..it is a system that when utilized correctly and consistently will reward you with paychecks that you probably have only dreamed of. The beauty of this dynamic combination is that you can create your possible 250K income without building much of a downline at all. I look at my down line as the gravy of my home based business franchise..I don’t have to rely on a downline at all to make at least $250K a year.

In what direction do you think this industry is going for 2009 and beyond?
This industry and more specifically our product line is going to be huge in the next couple of years. Layoffs are at an all time high and will continue to climb within the next year and beyond. People are starting to realize that the only employer that they can count on is themselves. So whether you are someone who is establishing an exit strategy and wants to take control of your life, or you have decided that you don’t want to go back into the rat race of having a JOB, I believe that being an entrepreneur is the way to go. You couple the fact that it is more risky now than ever to have a traditional job, with having the product line that will help people not only survive but thrive in this economy. I believe that it is a win/win solution for all involved.

What is the biggest hurdle for a Newbie?
Home Based Business Strategy Questions and AnswersMarketing and Sales. This carbon copy system is the best Professional Online Marketing System that I have found and I have looked at quite a few. You need to take the action steps to have the system work for you, but once you do, there are no limits to the potential you can take your home based business franchise to.

Do I have to be a member of this carbon copy system to market Wealth Masters International and their products?
Absolutely not. This #1 marketing system has been around for a little over a year, so there were many people who have received their successful start with Wealth Masters International prior to having a professional marketing system in place. In fact, about 40% of customers that come on board are strictly coming on board for the Wealth Masters products and not necessarily the business opportunity.

But, if you are planning to market the Wealth Masters International products, what I will say to you is that while I will be there for you every step of your journey and will give you all of the marketing and sales support that you might need to be successful, this carbon copy marketing system is the leading professional online marketing system in the industry and most people who tap into what their time tested system has to offer are not sorry that they did and have profited greatly from their alliance.

Can I just take advantage of Wealth Master International’s products and not market them?
Yes. Many people come to Wealth Masters International only for the financial education product line, for the investment opportunities that Wealth Masters International brings to the table each M2 Wealth Conference and for the exclusive M3 Wealth Mastermind group which brings yet another level of investment opportunities and monthly Masterminding meetings which focus on creating and sustaining wealth during this turbulent period of time.

What is the Rule of Thumb for Success in this industry?
I would say that there are three rules of thumb. First you want to make sure you have a marketing system in place. Marketing and Sales are the revenue generating activities that will make you a huge success in this industry and you must be marketing to your targeted markets each and every day.

The second rule of thumb is to be persistent without exception. If, at times, you feel like your back is up against the wall, embrace that feeling and be thankful for it. It means something big is about to happen because you are being challenged. Too many times I see people get to the point where they are right on the edge of massive success and then they quit. Little do these people realize that if they just persisted a bit longer that they would have everything they have ever dreamed of. So much can happen literally overnight in this industry. You always need to think BIG!!

And finally, you need to make sure that the product that you will be marketing is a good fit for you. While your success will not be solely dependent on the products that you market, you do need to feel confidence in the products that you will be marketing. For me, even if I was not an active Marketing Consultant with Wealth Masters International, I would still be at both yearly m2 Wealth Conferences and be a part of the M3 Mastermind Group because I know that at each event it only takes one new contact, one new piece of timely information, or one new investment strategy to completely change the course of my financial future.

What type of start up costs can I expect?
You can get started marketing for as little as $395.00. You can find details under the Opportunity Overview.

What can I expect for a monthly overhead?
It will cost you $149.00 per month to receive the boundless information that is available to you in this carbon copy system. The information that will be available to you will be everything you will initially need to run your home based business franchise and run it successfully.

You will receive the 30 day marketing course, web pages, over 130 professionally written auto -responders, 15 landing pages, 25 live training calls each week, a library of 50 tutorial videos, 24/7 forums, a professional call center who calls your applications for you, a breakdown of your daily, monthly and yearly sales, and overview of your leads, applications and team members. This is just an overview of what you will receive with this carbon copy system monthly membership. And remember, all business expenses are tax write offs to you. This is one of the assets we learn about from one of the alliances in the M1 Masters Program.

There is also a Certified Marketing Consultant License, which is waived when you purchase this system Otherwise it is $99.00, but again, this is tax deductable.

You will be marketing and there are many marketing options ranging from no cost to low cost to high cost, depending upon what your budget is. Together we discuss what your budget is, what your income goals are and we create a plan that fits exactly to your parameters. We reevaluate your budget and goals often to make sure that the proper adjustments are being made to get you to your financial goals as quickly as possible.

Is Home Based Franchise Opportunity an MLM?
No it is not and I urge you to read the article: "WHY THE TRADITIONAL MLM’S AND THEIR DOWNLINES ARE SHRINKING AT AN ALARMING PACE" under the Reports section. Our compensation has been modeled after the same compensation models that are used in Real Estate, the Mortgage Industry, and the Insurance Industry. Leaders who recruit and train new professionals receive a commission when a team member makes a sale, but the beauty is that the largest part of the commission goes to the professional who is making the sale, not the other way around.

The way our compensation plan is laid out is that you have the opportunity to make a hefty six figure income just on the sale of the products. This does not include a long downline. When you start to develop your downline, you are already making the kind of income few people in Corporate America enjoy. To realize the huge residual income from your downline that you always hear about you need only to develop 3-5 professionals who are doing exactly what you are doing. Of course, the sky is the limit to your ultimate residual income potential.

Do I have to be computer savvy?
You will need a few basic computer skills, but you do not need to be a computer techie. I have very little computer skills and I do just fine with what I know.

Isn’t the market already saturated and can I really make money with this carbon copy system and Wealth Masters International?
According to Forbes Magazine, over 70 million Americans plan to start their own businesses in the next three years. The market is not saturated, but there is competition. The challenge is to effectively compete in the market. The training my team and I provide helps deal effectively and successfully with this challenge. Keep in mind that you do have the only financial based product line on the Internet today. There is no competition with our product line.

What kind of support will I get?
What won’t you get? Along with the training and support that you will get through the best internet marketing system, I will be your business mentor. I bring to the table over 20 years of award winning sales and marketing experience. I have been at the top 5% in sales for those 20 years as well as being in the top 5% of all income earners in the United States. I have also been a part owner in three successful restaurants and even ran a successful business while living in Europe for several years. I know what works and what doesn’t and together we draw up a business and marketing plan that will work for you and give you the success and income that you are looking for.

Along with having the best Professional Online Marketing System on the market today, there is a private website that has been developed for my team only. Once you become a member of our team, you will also be handed your exclusive pass to that website. An overview of the training resources that you will find when accessing my team’s website will be a Quick Start Checklist, various video tutorials with back up written tutorials in marketing and sales, suggested marketing resources and suggested reading.

While marketing is THE KEY to your success, it also takes the correct Mindset to be an entrepreneur and you, as a member of my team have access to some of the best Mindset trainers and coaches in the industry. On my members only website I share with you recordings and tutorials on how to create your Millionaire Mind Set .

I am available for strategy sessions on a weekly basis. How these strategy sessions are conducted are up to you and what you need and want. My team has many levels of expertise and what one person needs and wants another person doesn’t. At the time of you deciding that you would like to partner with me and my team, you decide what you are looking for from me on a daily and weekly basis and we put that strategy in place. I cannot make you successful. Only you can do that, but I can be the business partner and mentor that you will need to be a success in this industry.

How do I know that this isn’t a scam?

  • According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB); neither Wealth Masters International nor this carbon copy system has have ever had a substantiated complaint according to the BBB.
  • Neither Wealth Masters International nor this professional marketing system has ever been investigated or sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • No actions by a State Attorney General have ever been taken against either company, nor are there any pending investigations.
  • Both companies are based in the United States of America. They're not some fly-by-night, off-shore get rich quick scheme.
  • Wealth Masters International opened its doors in January 2005 and has passed the important 3-year mark that so many companies never reach.
  • Wealth Masters International is a member in good standing of the Direct Sales Association, the leading trade organization for direct sales companies.

Having shown you all of these statistics and facts however, does not take the place of the due diligence that you can take on both companies.

I still have questions…Who can I contact?
I welcome additional questions that you might have. You can either call me at 610-462-4772 or you can Email me at [email protected].

I look forward to answering additional questions to ensure that all questions you have about the number one online marketing system as well as Wealth Masters International and me are answered to your satisfaction.

Sound like the Best Home Based Business Franchise opportunity of a life time?? Terrific!! Let’s get started. I would like to introduce you to my colleague, the Founder and CEO of the #1 Professional Online Marketing System available on the Internet today. Click below and he will guide you through the carbon copy system.

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Best Home Based Business Franchise

"Jennifer, this year has gone exceptionally well for us in the Northeast. You have taken your award winning sales of last year and used your sales expertise to develop an outstanding team for the Northeast Region. Thank you for the development and nurturing of our new sales representatives, as well as your leadership you have shown at all levels here at AME."

- Earl Fender; Director of Sales

"I spent 10 years in the Investment Banking/Mortgage Banking industry and even as a million dollar producer, I never had access to the investment opportunities I was exposed to at the M2 conference. The Wealth Masters Alliances are truly remarkable. I have already used 3 alliances within the 2 weeks that I have been home from the conference. I am now a true "product of the product" and I am VERY excited to build a multiple six figure and eventually a seven figure business as a Consultant with Wealth Masters International!!"

- Andrew, NY

"I joined Wealth Masters International in November of 07 and earned 5 figures my Very First Month. The financial information they provide is priceless and the personal development material has changed my life. I am on a journey to share my experiences and this life changing company with as many people as possible. Thank you Kip and Carl!"
- Neal Studzinski